Jowey Winnie Dahlia

Jowey Winnie Dahlia Flower Photos or HD Wallpaper

There are many various types of dahlia flowers in the world. Jowey Winnie dahlia is one of them and this flower is very beautiful. This Dahlia has dark-green leaves that are quite attractive and soft pink petals that can be as wide as four inches. These dahlias flowers

are usually grown as garden plants. They raise up to 40 inches tall and create large blooms from mid-summer till the first cold. Dahlias are yearly blossoming plants, with most roots.

Dimensions:       2448 x 3264            2448 x 3264
Width pixel:             2448                            2448
Height pixel:            3264                            3264
Type:                         JPG                              JPG
Size:                          2.41                              2.46