Car Wallpaper HD

Car Wallpaper HD #Trevita CCXR

Car Wallpaper HD of Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR

Here You See this wonderful Car Wallpaper in HD. I hope you will be happy to see this wallpaper because before that you always had to see nature photos and flower photos. And after a lot of time, this website has some different types of photos or wallpapers. This car belongs to the company of Koenigsegg, which is one of the World’s Most Expensive Cars. We have some basic information about this car company:-

Surprisingly, Trevita manages to carry that goodness one step ahead thanks to its unique exterior beauty. At a basic level, you can describe Trevita as the limited-edition version of Koenigsegg CCXR Edition. The name means “three white in Swedish”, in terms of the extreme rarity of the model and standout external hue. While other mixed supercars show their weaving in raw black color. Trevita claims white carbon fiber, which has been built at home using a unique manufacturing process. The resultant material gives an attractive silver glow, which applies to a car, “diamond on wheels”.

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Information about this Picture :

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