African Elephant

African Elephant Picture In HD

An African Elephant is larger then Asian elephants.


An elephant is fond of water whether it is African or Asian. When they are near a river or water. Then he enjoys the rain by filling the water in his trunks and sprinkling it on him.  African elephants are larger than Asian elephants. The elephant is a huge creature living on the ground. It is the largest mammal on the ground. Today, only two species are alive in Elephantidae: Alpheas and Loxodonta.

Three species are currently identified: – Two species of Loxodonta species – 1. African bush elephants and 2. African forest elephants, and Indian or Asian elephants of the Alpheas race. Today, elephants are the largest animals on earth. The elephant’s gestation period is of 22 months, which is the longest in the living organisms. At the time of birth, the baby elephant weight is about 104 kg.

Elephants normally survive for 50 to 70 years, although the longest elephant has been recorded for 82 years. The weight of this male was approximately 10,900 kg and the height to the shoulder was 3.96 meters, which is almost one meter higher than a normal African elephant. The elephant is considered a symbol of intelligence in Asian civilizations and is famous for its memory power and intelligence, where his intelligence is considered equal to dolphins and Vanmanush. Now it is in crisis due to human interference and poaching.

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