Trees in the evergreen forest

Trees in the evergreen foresttrees in evergreen forest

Trees in evergreen forest images on this page. Forest wallpapers or images download free. These fields are warm and get heavy rainfall during the year. They do not have a particularly dry season, the trees do not lose their leaves at the same time. Therefore, the woods always look green. That is why they are called evergreen forests. In India, the largest forest cover states are Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and Maharashtra. Discover the best forest images on

We understand the importance of a tree. Trees are extremely important for human life because trees give us oxygen and food. Tree consumes carbon dioxide and produces oxygen to breathe and this process called photosynthesis. Trees also help to stop soil erosion and flood. And can absorb thousands of liters of floodwater. Trees absorb excess water in winter and leave them in the summer and conserve water. Tree providing shade and shelter, improving air quality, environment, and preserving wildlife. They cause rainfall and reduce the pollution level of the earth. They are most important in our life.

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