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About Us (By Pitamber)

Welcome guys, I’m Pitamber Singh And this is NSempire.com. It provides high-quality and completely free photos. All photos are clicked properly, are searchable, and are also easy to find through our search page.


NSempire.com, the empire of HD wallpaper pitamber

We have hundreds of free photos and add new high-resolution photos every day. Some photos click by the hand-pick and some photos have been edited by our team. We make sure all published pictures are high-quality and free for you. We constantly try to deliver as many high-quality free beautiful pictures as possible to the people who use our website. In our collections, you can find a wide range of wallpapers for multiple purposes. The collection is split into several categories, such as nature, flowers, cars, animals, and more so that you can easily browse through a section of your interest. You can search for any photos using the search box. The search for the desired photos can be chosen by a specific category instead of browsing the entire page.


I’m Pitamber Singh, the owner of nsempire.com. And I’m a Free time content writer, Photo editor, and Sometimes I also click the photos. So if you want, you can also call me a photographer. We are a small team of three people Pitamber Singh, Neeshu Singh, and Nisha. In our free time, we make or create posts. therefore our collection of free photos might be still a little small but is growing up every week. Neeshu Singh is a page creator, SEO Maker, Photo editor, and also content writer. Nisha is fond of taking photographs and she is a photographer of nsempire.com. We’re constantly adding new photos to our photos gallery. Our photo gallery is growing fast. You can get the best and most beautiful pictures for your desktops, laptops, and android phone.